🎶Tonight I'm gonna party like it's the year seventy-nine 🎶

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The Paris Commune was formally inaugurated on March 28, 1871. Unfortunately no one could agree on what that meant.  

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On March 18, 1871 the government of Adolphe Thiers attempted to seize control of the National Guard's cannons. It didn't go well.  


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You know you're rich when you can afford to eat rats. 



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In September 1870, everyone in Paris prepared for a siege. Some of them also prepared for revolution. 


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Napoleon III hoped a war with Prussia would save his Empire. Instead it destroyed his Empire. 


Hardball Times Article: Shohei Ohtani, The Bambino, and Bullet Joe

This Week In Baseball History: Episode 47 - Leon Day Plays Two Ways


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First as tragedy, then as farce. 



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Phone Lines Now Open!



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Let's figure out what the heck happened in 1848

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The bitter end of the Revolutions of 1848 arrived in the summer of 1849.

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Recs: The Storm Before the Storm (duh) and 30 Greatest Orchestral Workd

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