Revolutions (general)

In April 1848, the Hungarians won the right to national self-government. But what about the other nations of the Kingdom of Hungary?

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The Austrian Imperial Ministry had a habit of cracking down, but then backing down.

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With German unification on the way, the question became who exactly was going to be unified anyway?

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In June 1848, France discovered class conflict. 

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The Provisional Government of France wanted a political revolution NOT a social revolution.

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Reading + Signing
Book Passage, 6:00 PM
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Back where it all began
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In March 1848, both Milan and Venice revolted against Austrian rule. 

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The fall of the July Monarchy set off a chain reaction throughout Germany that climaxed with intense fighting in Berlin.


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On your feet, Magyar, the homeland calls! The time is here, now or never! Shall we be slaves or free? This is the question, choose your answer.

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On March 13, 1848, Metternich fell. 

We did it! 

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Enjoy! Unless you plan on coming to a future event, in which case you should probably stop listening right now!

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