Forward in the USSR

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There's no business like show business.

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You know we're covering an upbeat period of history when the title of the episode is "Starving To Death"

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Tbh, it's bit like one of those "circle five differences in these two pictures that otherwise seem identical" games.

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When the old policies aren't working...try new policies!

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Poetically, or ominously, coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the Paris Commune...

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[Insert Spider-Man meme here]

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So close yet so far away.

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Why stop fighting when you can keep fighting?


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Spoiler Alert in the title.

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To Moscow!


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Nestor Makhno thy time has come.


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All power to the Soviets!*

*The Communist Party


APRIL 30, 2022: Live Performance at Coletivo in Milwaukee.

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There *was* a revolution in Germany. But it wasn't like the revolution in Russia.


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The end of WWI was a pretty big deal all things considered.


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But is it though?


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Time to tie up some loose ends.


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Hey it was worth a shot. Well, actually, probably not.

Register for digital book talk with me and Jonathan Katz on his new book: Gangsters of Capitalism Jan 18 w/ Politics and Prose.



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