Revolutions (general)

To celebrate his new reform program, Prime Minster Stolypin handed out commemorative neckties. 


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They didn't get dubbed "The Duma of National Anger" because they were quiescent and complacent.


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Last time on the Revolutions Podcast...


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Wherein I explain what the heck happened to me.

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Maybe if Nicholas hadn't been so set on rejecting the verdict of 1905, there wouldn't be a Part II to look forward to.

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The Days of Freedom could be numbered in days.

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That time everyone stayed home from work. 


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When you think you're out in the front of the pack, but really you're being lapped.  


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When you pray for a miracle and all God sends is a metaphor. 

Voyage of the Damned Video

Battle of Tsushima Video

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Bloody Sunday triggered the largest popular protests the Russian Empire had ever seen.


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When people are crying out for help, maybe don't murder them in the streets. 


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The Russian Revolution of 1905 actually began in 1904. 


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What happens when you think victory will be easy, defeat will be catastrophic...and then you start to lose?

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When you can't decide whether to cultivate the revolutionary potential of the peasants or assassinate government officials, the SRs say: why not both?

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When you have a majority, flaunt it. 

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To build a fire one first needs a spark.

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Is the end nigh? Not really. But it will be soon!

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As factional disputes arose, radical Russians attempt to forge larger alliances. 


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In the 1890s Russia expanded its influence in the far east, which put them on a collision course with Japan. 


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Someone was having senseless dreams alright. 


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Relationship Status: Lenin, Plekhanov, and Martov are all on the same side. This won't always be the case.


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Why propagandize when you can agitate?


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The great Marxist meet cute.


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Narodism didn't die after 1881. It just went into hibernation. 


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If it's not radical and it's not reactionary, it must be liberal. 


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When Nicky met Alix...

Link to the Pax Britannica Interview

Link to the Eastern Border Interview


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If your nascent bourgeoisie isn't big enough or rich enough to industrialize your Empire, just call Sergei Witte. He'll know what to do. 


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Everyone know Marxism isn't applicable to Russia. What my theory presupposes is...what if it did?


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Time to start mixing the baking soda and vinegar. 

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Kids today have no respect. 


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After the disaster of the Crimean War, it was time for an era of Great Reform. 


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Really missed a chance to call this episode "The Three Pillars of Russian Absolutism.  

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In December 1825, the Decembrists became the Decembrists. 


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This week, it's nothing less than The Divine Savior vs. The Antichrist

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Peter the Great and Catherine the Great made the Russian Empire great.

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Two Romes have fallen. The third stands. And there will be no fourth. No one shall replace your Christian Tsardom!

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In 1872, the First International fractured into rival camps led by Marx and Bakunin. 

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An earlier version of this episode had terrible metronome clicking. The file has been replaced, but if you're podcast app won't download the corrected version use this one instead. 

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Wherein we revisit the Paris Commune.


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All Mikhail Bakunin wanted was a world without bosses. 


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Mikhail Bakunin circumnavigated the globe and came back convinced that coercive authority was the pits. 

Direct Link: 10.5- The Adventures of Mikhail Bakunin


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The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles?

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According to Lenin, Karl Marx was, "the genius who continued and consummated the three main ideological currents of the 19th century, as represented by the three most advanced countries of mankind: classical German philosophy, classical English political economy, and French socialism combined with French revolutionary doctrines in general.”

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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels dreamed of revolution. But what happens when the revolution comes and then goes?


Recommendation: The Once and Future King

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In 1864, a group of working men formed an international association called The International Working Men's Association. 

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A Revolutions Podcast Update. 

Intelligent Speech

Sound Education

See ya in a week!

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The winds have now swept Mexico. To what end?

I'll be in Copenhagen: CPH:DOX March 26

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It's time to bring the Mexican Revolution to a close


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In 1918 and 1919, it was hard to tell whether the Mexican Revolution was heating up or cooling down. 


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In 1917, Villa said he would fight on until Carranza was swinging from a tree. 


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In 1917 Mexico got a new constitution. 


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In March 1916, the United States invaded Mexico. Again. 

Dome and Bedlam: Ep. 27 Mike Duncan Unscripted Baseball Content

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In November, 1915 Pancho Villa declared death to the gringos. 

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Wherein Pancho Villa is infected with a fatal case of hubris. 


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In October 1914 the Aguascalientes Convention met to decide the future of Mexico. 

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In the summer of 1914, the armies of Obregón, Villa, and Zapata drove Huerta into exile. 

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In April 1914 the United States invaded Mexico. 

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Was Pancho Villa an Avenging Angel, Robin Hood, or King of the Bandits? Yes.

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Let us begin Phase II of the Mexican Revolution...


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Actually it was more like 13, but who's counting. 

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After becoming President, Madero decided to alienate his old friends. 

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After being elected President of Mexico, Francisco Madero enjoyed no peace. 


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In the summer of 1911, Francisco Madero was not quite President. And that was a bit of a problem.


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How Porfirian politics helped destroy the Porfiriato

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Sulla died believing he had saved the Roman Republic. Boy was he ever wrong. 

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In the spring of 1911, Francisco Madero unleashed the tiger. Let's see if he can control it. 

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Francisco Madero had a plan, but it didn't really work. 

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Welcome to Morelos. I'd like to introduce you to your host, Emiliano Zapata. 


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After Porfirio Diaz said he welcomed a democratic opposition, many foolishly took him at his word. 

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Just as Mexico was being kicked around by an economic crisis, Porfirio Diaz dropped a political bombshell. 


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Porfirio Diaz ruled Mexico for so long they named a whole section of Mexican history after him. 


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In the years after independence, Mexico was a bit unstable. 


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In 1810, Father Hidalgo let forth the Cry of Dolores. 

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Just by way of refresher, since I know everyone took such good notes during episode 5.1 and 5.2 


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The last week of May 1871 was indeed a very bloody week. 

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🎶Tonight I'm gonna party like it's the year seventy-nine 🎶

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The Paris Commune was formally inaugurated on March 28, 1871. Unfortunately no one could agree on what that meant.  

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On March 18, 1871 the government of Adolphe Thiers attempted to seize control of the National Guard's cannons. It didn't go well.  


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You know you're rich when you can afford to eat rats. 



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In September 1870, everyone in Paris prepared for a siege. Some of them also prepared for revolution. 


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Napoleon III hoped a war with Prussia would save his Empire. Instead it destroyed his Empire. 


Hardball Times Article: Shohei Ohtani, The Bambino, and Bullet Joe

This Week In Baseball History: Episode 47 - Leon Day Plays Two Ways


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First as tragedy, then as farce. 



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Phone Lines Now Open!



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Let's figure out what the heck happened in 1848

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The bitter end of the Revolutions of 1848 arrived in the summer of 1849.

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As the walls close in on the Revolutions of 1848, the final loose ends will be ground up by millstones, but still stamp the future with fertile soil to grow new liberty trees. 

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Wherein the King of Prussia is offered a dog's collar. 


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In Dec 1848, the Austrian Empire got a new Emperor. 

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In Dec 1848, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte was elected president of France. 

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In November 1848, the Pope took flight.


Direct download: 7.27-_The_Flight_of_the_Pope_Master.mp3
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After the Emperor declared war on Hungary, Vienna launched an uprising in October 1848.

Direct download: 7.26-_The_Battle_for_Vienna_Master.mp3
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The Frankfurt Parliament is the symbol of the liberal German Revolution of 1848. That's not a compliment. 

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In the summer of 1848, the forces of counter-revolution began to get the upper hand in central Europe. 

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On March 23, 1848 the Kingdom of Piedmont declared war on Austria. 

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In April 1848, the Hungarians won the right to national self-government. But what about the other nations of the Kingdom of Hungary?

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The Austrian Imperial Ministry had a habit of cracking down, but then backing down.

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With German unification on the way, the question became who exactly was going to be unified anyway?

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In June 1848, France discovered class conflict. 

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The Provisional Government of France wanted a political revolution NOT a social revolution.

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Reading + Signing
Book Passage, 6:00 PM
Reading + Signing
Back where it all began
Reading + Signing
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In March 1848, both Milan and Venice revolted against Austrian rule. 

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