Please enjoy this one-man table read of the pilot script I've been writing for a proposed TV series based on Hero of Two Worlds.


For all the details on the paperback tour in September click here:

For tickets to the October dates:

Oct. 3 Austin TX @ Paramount Theater

Oct. 4 San Francisco @ Palace of Fine Arts

Oct. 5 Seattle @ Town Hall

Oct. 25 Chicago @ Vic Theater

Oct. 26 Boston @ The Wilbur

Oct. 27 Washington DC @ Lisner Auditorium

Oct. 29 Newark NJ @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center


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General: Facebook Page




Oct. 3 Austin TX @ Paramount Theater

Oct. 4 San Francisco @ Palace of Fine Arts

Oct. 5 Seattle @ Town Hall


Oct. 25 Chicago @ Vic Theater

[Update: Presale Doesn’t appear to be working. But they’ll go on sale tomorrow for sure]

Oct. 26 Boston @ The Wilbur

Oct. 27 Washington DC @ Lisner Auditorium

Oct. 29 Newark NJ @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center


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For all the details on the paperback tour click here:

More info on the October speaking performances as soon as we have firm dates/times/tickets.

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See you on the other side.

Direct download: 10.103-_The_Final_Chapter_Master.mp3
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So dizzy. So much success.

Direct download: 10.102-_Dizzy_With_Success_Master.mp3
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To be in power, or not to be in power, that is the question...

Direct download: 10.101-_The_Unitred_Opposition_Master.mp3
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After one hundred episodes, you might agree!

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It's a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaake.


Direct download: 10.99-_The_Testament_Master.mp3
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Forward in the USSR

Direct download: 10.98-_The_Union_of_Soviet_Socialist_Republics_Master.mp3
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There's no business like show business.

Direct download: 10.97-_The_Trial_of_the_SRs_Master.mp3
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You know we're covering an upbeat period of history when the title of the episode is "Starving To Death"

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Tbh, it's bit like one of those "circle five differences in these two pictures that otherwise seem identical" games.

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When the old policies aren't working...try new policies!

Direct download: 10.94-_The_New_Policies_Master.mp3
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Poetically, or ominously, coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the Paris Commune...

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[Insert Spider-Man meme here]

Direct download: 10.92-Long_Live_the_Bolsheviks_Master.mp3
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So close yet so far away.

Direct download: 10.91-_The_Battle_of_Warsaw_Master.mp3
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Why stop fighting when you can keep fighting?


Direct download: 10.90-_The_Polish-Soviet_War_Master.mp3
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Spoiler Alert in the title.

Direct download: 10.89-_The_Collapse_of_the_Whites_Master.mp3
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To Moscow!


Direct download: 10.88-_The_Moscow_Directive_Master.mp3
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Nestor Makhno thy time has come.


Direct download: 10.87-_Anarchy_in_Ukraine_Master.mp3
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All power to the Soviets!*

*The Communist Party


APRIL 30, 2022: Live Performance at Coletivo in Milwaukee.

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There *was* a revolution in Germany. But it wasn't like the revolution in Russia.


Direct download: 10.85-_The_German_Revolution_Master.mp3
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The end of WWI was a pretty big deal all things considered.


Direct download: 10.84-_The_End_of_the_Old_World_Master.mp3
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But is it though?


Direct download: 10.83-_Terror_Is_Necessary_Master.mp3
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Time to tie up some loose ends.


Direct download: 10.82-_The_House_of_Special_Purpose_Master_-_11722_2.30_PM.mp3
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Hey it was worth a shot. Well, actually, probably not.

Register for digital book talk with me and Jonathan Katz on his new book: Gangsters of Capitalism Jan 18 w/ Politics and Prose.



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Time to play the wild card.

Direct download: 10.80-_The_Revolt_of_thre_Czechoslovak_Legion_Master.mp3
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Time to head into the final lap...

Direct download: 10.79-_Reds_and_Whites_Master.mp3
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What's better than war and peace? Neither war nor peace!

Direct download: 10.78-_Neither_War_Nor_Peace_Master.mp3
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Dance dance revolution.


Direct download: 10.77-_Brest_Litovsk_Master.mp3
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Can anyone guess which one Lenin and the Bolsheviks will choose? 

Direct download: 10.76-_Liberty_or_Victory_Master.mp3
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The Bolsheviks caught the car. Now they had to figure out what to do with it.

Direct download: 10.75-_The_Peoples_Commissars_Master.mp3
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We made it.

Direct download: 10.74-_The_Great_October_Socialist_Revolution_Master.mp3
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Wherein we keep moving toward the October Revolution by progressing halfway to halfway to halfway to halfway...

Link: Event w/ Dr. Faith Hillis for her book Utopia's Discontents.

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Comrade Lenin says don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Link to details on the talk/signing in Pasadena!

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Links to tour details...

Minneapolis Oct 11: Magers and Quinn

Naperville Oct 12: Anderson's Bookshop

Madison/Verona Oct 13: Kismet Books

Milwaukee Oct 14: Boswells Book Company

Pasadena Oct 27: Vromans Bookstore

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Links to details...

Main page (scroll down):

Minneapolis: Magers and Quinn

Chicago: Anderson's Bookshop

Madison: Kismet Books

Milwaukee: Boswells Book Company

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Not a political plot. A sitcom plot.


Direct download: 10.70-_The_Kornilov_Affair_Master.mp3
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When you come at the king, best not miss.


Direct download: 10.69-_The_July_Days_Master.mp3
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Don't put all your eggs in one basket, folks.


Direct download: 10.68-_The_June_Offensive_Master.mp3
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April 1917 reminds us sometimes foreign affairs DO matter in domestic politics.


The H2W related podcast appearances I mentioned:

  1. Based on a True Story with Dan LeFebvre. Great chat about Lafayette in film and TV.
  2. KPFA's Letters and Politics with Mitch Jeserich. This one is a video!
  3. Tides of History with Patrick Wyman. More of me and Patrick being me and Patrick. So good, informative, and fun.
  4. My History Can Beat Up Your Politics One of the O.G. podcasts. Since 2006!
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Wherein the Bolsheviks call for an Uber.

The New Yorker Article by Adam Gopnick

The New Republic Article by David Klion (Hi David!)

 CBS This Morning Segment Look ma I'm on the tee-vee.

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The February Revolution succeeded! Everything is great now!

Get tix for Hero of Two Worlds Events!

Aug 20 Politics and Prose with Jamelle Bouie

Aug 23 Midtown Scholar with Ben Rhodes

Aug 24 The Strand with Alexis Coe

Aug 31 Harvard Bookstore with Patrick Wyman.

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The Duma is about to get a new roommate: The Petrograd Soviet

Sign up fast for Hero of Two Worlds Events!

Aug 20 Politics and Prose with Jamelle Bouie

Aug 23 Midtown Scholar with Ben Rhodes

Aug 24 The Strand with Alexis Coe

Aug 31 Harvard Bookstore with Patrick Wyman.

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Good riddance to Dear Nicky.

Sign up fast for Hero of Two Worlds Events!

Aug 20 Politics and Prose with Jamelle Bouie

Aug 23 Midtown Scholar with Ben Rhodes

Aug 24 The Strand with Alexis Coe

Aug 31 Harvard Bookstore with Patrick Wyman.

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The February Revolution began on International Women's Day

Meanwhile...Lafayette Events!

Aug 20 Politics and Prose with Jamelle Bouie

Aug 23 Midtown Scholar with Ben Rhodes

Aug 24 The Strand with Alexis Coe

Aug 31 Harvard Bookstore with Patrick Wyman.

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Really should have called this episode The Verge.

Come hang out with Patrick Wyman and Me on July 22 to celbrate the launch of his book The Verge!

Pre-Order Hero of Two Worlds!

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Why get off the road to ruin when you can just stay on it?

Pre-order Hero of Two Worlds!

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You make the call.

Pre-order Hero of Two Worlds!


Direct download: 10.59_Stupidity_or_Treason__Master.mp3
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Inflation and scarcity are not exactly solid foundations to base the stability of a regime.

Link: The Hero of Two Worlds bookshop map Tell us where you pre-ordered the book!

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Ok, maybe it wasn't a great war, but it *was* a great offensive.

Link: Bookstore Map (scroll down)


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Lafayette comes to America! Enjoy!

A link to pre-order the book!

A link to the map to tell us where you pre-ordered the book!

Scroll down it's at the bottom.


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When it started, everyone thought it was gonna be a regular war. But it turned out to be a *great* war.


Direct download: 10.56-_Great_War_Great_Retreat_Master.mp3
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Wherein we finally talk about the Second International just so we can watch it die.

Sponsor: Pre-Order Hero of Two Worlds!

Direct download: 10.55-_Whatever_Happened_To_The_International_Master.mp3
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War will cause another revolution? No! War will prevent another revolution.


Direct download: 10.54-_War_or_Revolution_Master.mp3
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Confused by how events Balkans could spark a world war? Good news, you're not alone. All the Great Powers of Europe are right there with you.


Direct download: 10.53-The_Balkans_Master.mp3
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You already know a lot actually!


Direct download: 10.52-_Origins_WWI_Master_.mp3
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Au revoir Paris.

Direct download: The_Streets_of_Paris_Master.mp3
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A rapist protected by powerful friends? Who has ever heard of such a thing?


Direct download: 10.51-_Our_Friend_Master_.mp3
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Why be an illiterate Siberian peasant when you can be a sought after curiosity in St. Petersburg.


Direct download: 10.50-_The_Holy_Man_Master.mp3
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Wherein the gods hate me, but they hated Alexei Romanov even more...

Sponsor: HelloFresh/Revolutions12

Direct download: 10.49_The_Tsarevich_Master_.mp3
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Stolypin's reforms died. Then Stolypin died.

Direct download: 10.48-_The_Death_of_Reform_Master.mp3
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After re-writing election laws to ensure a Duma he could work with, Prime Minister Stolypin finally had a Duma he could work with.


Direct download: 10.47-_The_Duma_of_Lords_and_Lackeys_Master.mp3
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Why have two revolutions when you can have one big long revolution?


Direct download: 10.46-_The_Permanent_Revoluiton.mp3
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Unity Congress more like DISunity Congress, amirite?


Direct download: 10.45-_The_Disunity_Congresses_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:11pm CDT

Who expropriates the expropriators?


Direct download: 10.44-_Bolshevik_Bank_Heist_Master.mp3
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Wherein we ask the ask the eternal question: Was it really a coup?

Sponsor: HelloFresh

Direct download: 10.43-_The_Coup_of_1907_Master.mp3
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To celebrate his new reform program, Prime Minster Stolypin handed out commemorative neckties. 


Direct download: 10.42-_The_Stolypin_Refroms_Master.mp3
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They didn't get dubbed "The Duma of National Anger" because they were quiescent and complacent.


Direct download: 10.41-_The_Duma_of_National_Anger_MASTER.mp3
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Last time on the Revolutions Podcast...


Direct download: 10.40-_Relaunch_and_Recap_MASTER.mp3
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Wherein I explain what the heck happened to me.

Direct download: What_Happened_Update.mp3
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Maybe if Nicholas hadn't been so set on rejecting the verdict of 1905, there wouldn't be a Part II to look forward to.

Direct download: 10.39-_The_End_of_Part_1_Master.mp3
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The Days of Freedom could be numbered in days.

Direct download: 10.38-_The_Days_of_Freedom_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:33pm CDT

That time everyone stayed home from work. 


Direct download: 10.37-_The_General_Strike_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:11am CDT

When you think you're out in the front of the pack, but really you're being lapped.  


Direct download: 10.36-_The_Bulygin_Constitution_Master.mp3
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When you pray for a miracle and all God sends is a metaphor. 

Voyage of the Damned Video

Battle of Tsushima Video

Direct download: 10.35-_Sinking_Ships_Master_.mp3
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Bloody Sunday triggered the largest popular protests the Russian Empire had ever seen.


Direct download: 10.34-_The_Wave_of_Protests_Master_2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:04am CDT

When people are crying out for help, maybe don't murder them in the streets. 


Direct download: 10.33-_Bloody_Sunday_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:30pm CDT

The Russian Revolution of 1905 actually began in 1904. 


Direct download: 10.32-_The_Union_of_Liberation.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:54am CDT

What happens when you think victory will be easy, defeat will be catastrophic...and then you start to lose?

Direct download: 10.31-_A_Big_Mistake_Master.mp3
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When you can't decide whether to cultivate the revolutionary potential of the peasants or assassinate government officials, the SRs say: why not both?

Direct download: 10.30-_The_SRs_Master.mp3
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When you have a majority, flaunt it. 

Direct download: 10.29-_Bolsheviks_and_Mensheviks_Master.mp3
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To build a fire one first needs a spark.

Direct download: 10.28-_The_Spark_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:51am CDT

Is the end nigh? Not really. But it will be soon!

Direct download: Revlutions_Podcast_Update-_The_End_Is_Nigh.mp3
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As factional disputes arose, radical Russians attempt to forge larger alliances. 


Direct download: 10.27-_Coming_Together_Drifting_Apart_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:59am CDT

In the 1890s Russia expanded its influence in the far east, which put them on a collision course with Japan. 


Direct download: 10.26-_The_Far_East_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:07am CDT

Someone was having senseless dreams alright. 


Direct download: 10.25-_Sensless_Dreams_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am CDT

Relationship Status: Lenin, Plekhanov, and Martov are all on the same side. This won't always be the case.


Direct download: 10.24-_The_Union_of_Struggle_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:54am CDT

Why propagandize when you can agitate?


Direct download: 10.23-_On_Agitation_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:19am CDT

The great Marxist meet cute.


Direct download: 10.22-_Vladimir_and_Nadya_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:40am CDT

Narodism didn't die after 1881. It just went into hibernation. 


Direct download: 1021-_The_Socialist_Revolutionaries_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:56pm CDT

If it's not radical and it's not reactionary, it must be liberal. 


Direct download: 10.20-_The_Liberal_Tradtion_Such_As_It_Is_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:19am CDT

When Nicky met Alix...

Link to the Pax Britannica Interview

Link to the Eastern Border Interview


Direct download: 10.19-_Nicky_and_Alix_Master_2.mp3
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If your nascent bourgeoisie isn't big enough or rich enough to industrialize your Empire, just call Sergei Witte. He'll know what to do. 


Direct download: 10.18-_The_Witte_System_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:22pm CDT

Everyone know Marxism isn't applicable to Russia. What my theory presupposes is...what if it did?


Direct download: 10.17-_The_Emancipation_of_Labor_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:44am CDT

Time to start mixing the baking soda and vinegar. 

Direct download: 10.16-_The_Russian_Colony_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:42am CDT

Kids today have no respect. 


Direct download: 10.15-_The_Tsar_Must_Die_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:58am CDT

After the disaster of the Crimean War, it was time for an era of Great Reform. 


Direct download: 10.14-_The_Tsar_Liberator_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:19am CDT

Really missed a chance to call this episode "The Three Pillars of Russian Absolutism.  

Come hang out with us at

Direct download: 10.13-_Orthodoxy_Autocracy_Nationality_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:30pm CDT

In December 1825, the Decembrists became the Decembrists. 


Direct download: 10.12-_The_Decembrists_Master.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:25pm CDT